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March 2014 Speaker

Posted by First Czech Garden Club on March 23, 2014 at 6:55 PM

Dan Kosta gave a very interesting presentation about Roses.  He traced their liniage from ancient times all the way to the current cultivars. 

13th Century Roses

The Ancient European Rose was a rather bland flower.  It was grown mostly for medicinal purposes.  The rose oil and rose hips were used to cure all sorts of ailments.  The roses only bloomed once and in June.  There was one single flower with 5 petals.  There were only three colors: White, Red, and Pink

Middle Ages

In the Medieval times roses were grown for their fragrance.  The petals were tossed on the ground of castles to help remove the noxious odors of indoor Medieval living.  Because it was the petals that were popular people started creating hybrids with more and more petals.

During this time the Asian Rose was introduced to Europe.  These roses came in a multitude of colors.  There was also a variety that had many blooms (Bourban Rose).  These different cultivars were combined to create the Tea Rose and Hybrid Tea Roase varieties.

These new cultivars are very high maintenance.  They require constant fertilization and are highly suseptible to bugs and diseases.  Some of the diseases are Blackspot and Mildew.  A copper based fungicide and removing the infected leaves helps.  Some other diseases are Balling where the bud gets wet and won't open completely.  Rose Rosette is a disease which has not cure.  The plants have lots of soft thorns and misshapen flowers.  The plant must be removed and the tools sterilized.

Care and Maintenance

DO NOT USE ROSE CONES!  Instead Cover with mulch or soil 8 to 10 inches.  Remove the mulch when the plant starts growing in the Spring.  Don't trim the plant in the Fall.  Spring is the best time to transplant and trim. Shape the rose.  Do not cut to far down.   Only use sharp instraments.  Look for the first 5 leaf cluster (hybrid Tea roses).  Remove the flowers once they have bloomed to get more flowers. 

Other Rose Varieties

Rugosa - This is the hardiest species.  It is very fragrant, large, very salt tolerent, and has recurrent blooms

English or David Ausitn - This cultivar has large, quartered blooms and is very fragrant

Knockout - This is a hardy, low maintenance plant.  The blooms are not as pretty as the Hybrid Tea

Drift - This is a very low growing plantthat is good for ground cover.

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