First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

81th Anniversary Banquet

The celebration of the 81th Anniversary of the First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America was held on November 6 2016 at the Alpine Haus in Westchester IL. The Garden Club banquet bad luck continued for another year! Once again  this was a last minute change of venue because the original location for the banquet burned down!  Once again the Banquet Committee came through with flying colors and found a quite suitable replacement.  Several members that cannot make it to meetings were in attendance and many happy reunions were had.  There were also many guests from our sister organizations that joined the celebration.  Several members from the Czech School came and even members from the Czech Consulate attended.

The food was excellent.  There was a basket raffle where the guests purchased tickets and placed them in front of the prize they desired.  The prizes ranged from a gift card, wines, paintings, and handmade blankets.
President Leonard Becker announced the Man and Woman of the Year Leonard bestowed this honor to took this opportunity to Jan Sowinski and Robert Jilak.  Jan has been very active in many committees (Banquet, Flower Show) and has been managing the Christmas Party.  Robert has been a judge for the Flower Show and has done several presentations. 

Raffle Winners

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