First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

2017 Flower and Garden Show Entrant Information

The Program Guide Rule Books will be passed out at the August 7 meeting.  They will also be available at the August 28th meeting along with the Entry Tags. 

The Flower and Garden Show will be at


Liberty Cultural Center

6445 W 27th Place

Berwyn, IL

Set Up Information

Set up will take place Friday evening September 8 from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm and Saturday Morning from 8:30 am until 10:30 am.

Make sure to have the variety of the specimen on the tag.  Judges will deduct points if it is not listed.  If you do not know the variety, ask the registrar or a judge before the show.

Judging begins promptly at 11:00 am.

Children's Contest

This year there is a brand new category of awards -  Best Exhibit from Children 12 Years and Younger.  Children's entries must follow the same rules as any other entry.  They will compete for


  • Best Children's Fruit
  • Best Children's Vegetable
  • Best Children's Flower
  • Best Children's Any Other

The winners of the Best Exhibit will receive Award ribbons.  All entrants will receive a Participant ribbon

Flower Arrangement Categories

Here are the Flower Arrangement Categories.  Start thinking about which ones you want to do and how you will do it!

One Entry per contestant per class. Accessories are permitted and loose items must be secured to the base.  The Focal point must be live flowers, not the accessories.  A card explaining how your flowers or design relate to the theme would be helpful. 

Flower Arrangements

The focus of the arrangement must be the specified flower

  • Sunflowers - Artfully arranged
  • Geraniums - Dominating arrangement
  • Mums - A Colorful arrangement
  • Zinnias - Featuring these blooms
  • Roses - Elegantly presented
  • Goldenrod/Solidago - Tastefully arranged with Dock

Arrangements with a Theme

  • Opera
  • Famous Movies
  • Wild West
  • Tea Cup Gardens
  • Beautiful Herbs
  • For the Bird

Flower Entry Suggestions

  • Anything can be a Container - even old cans 
  • Fill the can with the right kind of Oasis (Wet for Live Plants).  A Floral Pin Cushion is better but hard to find
  • The size of the Display Area is 27" X 12" X 22". The arrangement should fill 2/3 of this space.  Make sure your arrangement has height and depth
  • Harden your specimens.  Place them in tepid water at least 12 hours before using them.  This will make sure they do not wilt at the show.T
  • Cut hollow stems twice: Once outside of the water and once under the water.  This prevents air bubbles in stem
  • Look for oddly shaped flowers.  They add character
  • Do NOT Crowd your container. Use an odd number of plants.  Less is more
  • Make sure you have a Focal Point.  Let some leaves or specimens hang over the edge of the container to draw the eye to the center
  • Try out your arrangement first before sticking in the oasis.  
  • Use Floral tape to make the plants stay in position and increase the size or strengthen of the stems 
  • If a class calls for multiple items make sure they are  the same color and size.  Space the specimens at different heights and facing different directions.
  • Use Twistems or Floral Tape to keep the specimens in place
  • The height and length limit for specimens is 20 inches
  • Trim the leaves of blemishes and remove spent blooms or extra ones
  • The Simpler the Better. 
  • Arrangements should take up the triptyck
  • Change height of flowers so Judge can easily see all of them
  • Group flowers by color, size, and shape
  • It is best to have some leaves 

Fruit and Vegetable Entry Suggestions

Here are hints on how to present Fruit and Vegetable entries

  • General Comments - Make sure the name of the variety is on the tag.  Judges are looking for uniformity
  • Plugging - The judges will take a plug from most of the fruits to check the maturity
  • Garlic - No Dirt or Roots.  Judges will be looking for entries with an outer skin and large cloves
  • Leek - The more White stem the better the entry
  • Onions - No Dirt or Roots.  Do not remove all of the outer skin
  • Tomatoes - Smooth, round fruits with NO Stems.  To get more fruit, shake the cages to force pollination.  If you are planting the tomatoes in the same place every year, place some epsum salt in the ground every 5 years
  • Peppers - Group peppers by their color and make sure they are uniform
  • Zuccini - Smaller is better
  • Okra - Okra can come in different colors.  Make sure to present specimens with the same color in a group
  • Turnips - The tops are edible
  • Potatos - Few Twists and Indentations
  • Rhubarb - Leave a small fan of leaves on the stalk

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